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About Us

Hi! Thanks for looking beyond the surface. Running the Freshwater Railway system is no small task – we're happy to explain how we do it.

Take a look at the basics on this page. Then, dig into the serious details – the following pages describe our background, our philosophies, and our role in a changing metropolitan area:

  • It's common sense. And it's our mantra. Learn how we make transit a realistic option for new users.
  • From the big concept to the small details, we know how to make the wheels roll.
  • We have a spine. Keeping sight of our principles helps us run an efficient, innovative organization.
  • Near and far, public transit is a favorite target of curmudgeons and conspiracy theorists. We unravel some widely held misconceptions.
  • Find out more about the nuts and bolts of our services.
  • Employment, procurement, development, other things that knock.
  • Behind the scenes of the Freshwater Railway project.

Freshwater Railway is the regional rail system for greater Southeast Michigan. We provide longer-distance rail connections between communities. We also fund and/or operate several special-purpose bus services. Our system is the backbone and the springboard for an emerging transit network reaching fourteen counties, two states and two countries.

We are an independent corporation, owned and funded by eighteen different governmental bodies. Thanks to this wide distribution of stakeholders, we're able to maintain a truly regional perspective. In fact, it's the only way we roll.

Here's the vitals on Freshwater Railway:

  • 6 Rail Lines
  • 71 Rail Stations
  • 11 Train Layover Facilities
  • 364 Miles of Revenue Trackage
  • 842 Train Trips per Week
  • 28 Trainsets Required for Peak Operation
  • 25 Locomotives
  • 90 Railcars
  • 32 Multiple Unit (self-propelled) Railcars
  • 82 Buses
  • 39 New Real Estate Developments Near Our Stations
  • 15 Local Transit Systems Connecting to Us



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