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There's a lot going on here! For businesses and individuals, Freshwater Railway has a wide variety of partnership opportunities. Knock, knock!



We have acquired hundreds of acres of property near our stations and facilities. The vast majority is "greyfield" land – parcels used in the past, but now abandoned or underused. We actively partner with developers and architects to convert these spaces into productive, valuable assets for entire communities.

Mixed-Use Site Architectural Services – Royal Oak Rail Station

Procurement #RE12-10693

Commuter Parking Structure – Reynolds Field Rail Station

Procurement #RE12-08520



Paper clips! Print cartridges! Locomotives! You name it, we buy it. Look here for items on our shopping list. If you have a high quality product at a fair price, let's talk.

Four (4) Articulated Alternative Fuel Transit Buses

Procurement #RS00-09585

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Wash System

Procurement #MA00-07724



Freshwater Railway Corporation is an organization of professionals. We boast a friendly, innovative team that's always looking for new members. If you're thinking of applying, check out our Organizational Principles to see what we're all about.

Outreach Bridgebuilder

Community Relations Group

Position ID 041417 / Posting #HR70-11256

Task Orchestration Specialist

(various groups)

(multiple positions) / Posting #HR70-11189

Graphic Designer

Community Relations Group

Position ID 040813 / Posting #HR70-11097

Accountant I

Finance Group

Position ID 030411 / Posting #HR70-10992

Schedule Writer

Service Development Group

Position ID 063106 / Posting #HR70-10859

Transit Network Dispatcher

Operations Group

Position ID 022002 / Posting #HR70-10773


Front-Line Employment Opportunities

Positions in service delivery are frequently available with H2O Operations Group, our operations subsidiary. Please visit for further information.


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