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Freshwater Railway is a big system with a few different types of service. Regardless of where you ride, you'll find our fares easy-to-understand. Find your transport mode here and learn the details. Many of our fare options integrate between transport modes – so if you use a bus and a train, your fares are still as easy as pie.

Reduced Fares are available to our senior (65+) and disabled customers. If you're riding on a reduced fare, be sure to have proof of eligibility with you. Lower rates aside, reduced fares work exactly the same way as regular fares.



Regional Rail mode icon

The rail system covers a lot of ground. Some people take short trips, some people ride end-to-end. The fare system reflects that: shorter trips cost less, longer trips cost more. Easy, right?

Rail line digrams – both web and print – show Fare Zone boundaries. Find your origin and your destination, then count all the zones involved with your trip – the zone where you start, the zone where you end, and the zone(s) inbetween.

Ticket Vending Machines are located at each rail station. They're easy to use and they sell all types of tickets. Have a valid fare (ticket or pass) with you before boarding the train. Conductors on board the train will verify your fare.

Rail fares are at the top of the food chain. They're valid on most other Freshwater Railway services in some way or another. If you use another service, read on to see how your rail fare may take you farther.

One-Way Ticket

Length of Ride Regular Reduced
1 zone $3.25 $1.50
2 zones $4.50 $1.50
3 zones $5.75 $2.75
4 zones $7.00 $2.75
5 zones $8.25 $4.00

10 Ride Ticket

Length of Ride Regular Reduced
1 zone $28.60 $14.00
2 zones $39.60 $14.00
3 zones $50.60 $25.00
4 zones $61.60 $25.00
5 zones $72.60 $36.00

31 Day Pass

Length of Ride Regular Reduced
1 zone $114.40 $57.00
2 zones $158.40 $57.00
3 zones $202.40 $101.00
4 zones $246.40 $101.00
5 zones $290.40 $145.00

Connector Bus mode icon

Connector bus is your best way to the rail station – it's often the best value, too. Connector fares are the same regardless of how far you ride. Buy your Connector fare as part of your rail fare to maximize savings.

If you're not using the rail system, Connector buses are available for shorter trips. Pay the one-way or round-trip cash fare for local travel.

When you board the bus, swipe your pass or pay your fare. Nothing to it.

Connector 925 (Detroit Metro Airport) is free – don't worry about tickets or passes for that one.

Connector 900 (Windsor) has its own fare structure. Read all about it...

Cash Fare

  Regular Reduced
One-Way $3.00 $1.50
Round-Trip on Same Day $5.00 $2.50

Top-Up Tickets/Passes

  Regular Reduced
10 Ride Top-Up Ticket $25.00 $12.50
31 Day Top-Up Pass $55.00 $27.50

Top-Up Tickets/Passes are available exclusively with rail tickets/passes. Purchase your Top-Up when you purchase your rail fare – they'll both be valid for the same period.


Relay Bus mode icon

Ann Arbor Relay buses are free. No tickets or passes are required – just hop on.

Detroit Relay buses are free with any rail fare. Here's how:

From the train to the Relay bus (riding from a rail station): Hold on to your rail fare – whether it's a ticket or a pass. When you board the Relay bus at the rail station, swipe your rail fare through the bus farebox as you step on. That's it!

From the Relay bus to the train (riding to a rail station): If you have a 31 Day Pass or a 10 Ride Ticket, swipe it as you board the bus – done and done. If you don't have a train ticket yet, pay the $2.00 cash fare ($1.00 reduced cash fare) when you get on. The bus operator will issue a coupon for $2.00 ($1.00 reduced) off of any rail fare purchased within two hours.

You don't have to use the train to use the Relay bus. We accept exact cash fares (paper and coin) for all bus services. If you're out exploring, buy a GoTown Day Pass – it's good for a day's worth of unlimited rides on Relay buses and Local buses.

There is a little common-sense fine print:

One-Way Rail Tickets are valid for a single ride on a single Relay or Local bus, up until six hours after the ticket is initially purchased. After you ride one train and one bus, your One-Way Ticket isn't valid for anything else – though it is a cool souvenir.

10 Ride Rail Tickets are valid for exactly 10 Relay or Local bus rides – that is to say, one bus ride as part of each train trip. You can take the bus rides at any time while your 10 Ride Ticket is alive. If you use up your ten train rides before using all ten bus rides, any remaining bus rides expire 24 hours after the ticket's last train ride.

31 Day Rail Passes are unlimited-ride fare items. They're valid for unlimited train rides during the period marked, and they're valid for unlimited Relay and Local bus rides in the same time frame.

The GoTown Day Pass is valid for unlimited Relay and Local bus rides until the time marked – 3:00am on the day after you activate it. GoTown Day Passes are not valid for any rail fares or rail discounts.

Sorry about that. Now, let's resume the simplicity!

Ann Arbor Relay

  Regular Reduced
Relays 80 81 82 free free

Detroit Relay

Ride Detroit Relay buses free with a rail fare – look left for details. Relay buses aren't just for rail customers – if you're making short trips, pay the cash fare or buy a GoTown Day Pass.

Without Rail Fare Regular Reduced
Relays 1 2 3 4 $2.00 $1.00
GoTown Day Pass $5.00 $2.50

Local Bus mode icon

Little room for confusion – two bucks for a ride, five bones for a whole day, 64 smackeroos for 31 days. Except for the 31-day option, you can buy your fares right on the bus.

Rail fares are valid on Local Buses the same way they're valid on Detroit Relay buses – look above for the details.

The GoTown Day Pass is the best exploring buddy you'll ever have. Invest in one (they're available on any bus) and set out to find your new favorite place.

GoTown Day Pass

Cash Fare

  Regular Reduced
Single Ride $2.00 $1.00
GoTown Day Pass $5.00 $2.50

31 Day Pass

  Regular Reduced
31 Day Local/Relay Pass $64.00 $32.00

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